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SagiPlan® TPS, preconfigured desktop PC

SagiPlan® TPS, preconfigured desktop PC
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Ease of Use SagiPlan® provides an intuitive multilingual user interface. The customized layout... more
Product information "SagiPlan® TPS, preconfigured desktop PC"

Ease of Use
SagiPlan® provides an intuitive multilingual user interface. The customized layout and configuration of parameters for user preferences and treatment settings make planning both fast and easy.

Multimodality Imaging and Image Registration
SagiPlan® supports various image formats and modalities, including CT, MR and radiographic films. With advanced image registration methods (manual, automatic, landmarks), data can be fused and displayed simultaneously for reliable target definition and plan evaluation.

Applicator Reconstruction
All applicators delivered by Eckert & Ziegler BEBIG and Mick Radio-Nuclear Instruments are implemented in the SagiPlan® Applicator Library with full 3D geometric data, allowing for easy, fast and accurate reconstruction. Flexible applicators are easily reconstructed with automatic image processing based on CT image data.

Plan Templates
Plan Templates offer the possibility of saving 3D arrangements of applicators, needles, catheters and control points. Along with stored dwell times, the Plan Templates are ready to use in new, similar studies to significantly speed up the planning process.

Extensive Dose Calculation and Optimization Features
SagiPlan® is compliant with AAPM TG-43 and the HEBD Working Group recommendations. It enables dose calculations for both cobalt-60 and iridium-192 sources with individual applicator attenuation and shielding. Manual and automatic dose optimization can be achieved with a variety of tools, such as manual isodose shaping, geometric optimization and inverse planning, for reliable control of the target coverage.
The fast simulated annealing algorithm optimizes dwell times with respect to user-defined dose objectives.

Exclusive: Unique BED and EQD2 Feature
SagiPlan® calculates the biologically effective dose (BED) and the equivalent dose in 2-Gy fractions (EQD2) for structures and control points with individually assignable α/β ratios, which enables the easy assessment of HDR fractionation with the calculated total BED and total EQD2 over all fractions. Combination therapies of EBRT and HDR can be planned by importing EBRT plans via DICOM import and considering them in the Total BED and Total EQD2 calculations. A unique BED monitor will instantly update BED/EQD2 calculations with every plan change, showing respective constraint fulfillment at a glance.

Exclusive: Inverse Irradiation Planning with DVH, BED, EQD2
By means of DVH parameters, which can also be specified directly in BED or EQD2, inverse planning can also be carried out for combined EBRT + HDR radiotherapy.