CT/MR Henschke Applicator Set, Elekta/Nucletron

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  • SETM0826
Well-Accepted Design: The CT/MR Henschke Applicator leverages the well-accepted intrauterine... more
Product information "CT/MR Henschke Applicator Set, Elekta/Nucletron"

Well-Accepted Design: The CT/MR Henschke Applicator leverages the well-accepted intrauterine tube and ovoid structure of the Henschke design, but enhances usability and flexibility. The connecting bracket is designed with concentric locking knobs that fix the intrauterine tube in place between the ovoids while the lateral positioning remains unrestricted, providing a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to anatomical conditions.

Accessories Included: The CT/MR Henschke Applicator Set includes an adjustable rectal retractor for immobilization without packing and three ovoid pairs with three intrauterine tubes of varying sizes and curvatures to accommodate a wide variety of anatomies.

MR Conditionality: All materials for this applicator, such as medical grade titanium, have been selected to enable MR conditionality for enhanced planning and structural integrity, to give you the confidence for accurate placement and treatment.


* The applicator has been tested for mechanical compatibility with the indicated manufacturer’s transfer tubes to confirm there are no internal source obstructions. Users are responsible for validating applicator compatibility, including treatment planning systems, with their afterloading equipment. Elekta/Nucletron are trade names/trademarks of Elekta AB (publ).
** Manufactured by PST Plastic Sterilizing Trays Corporation