CT/MR Miami Applicator Sets, Elekta/Nucletron

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Simplicity: The CT/MR Miami Applicator is designed for simplicity, even in the most advanced... more
Product information "CT/MR Miami Applicator Sets, Elekta/Nucletron"

Simplicity: The CT/MR Miami Applicator is designed for simplicity, even in the most advanced settings. The CT/MR Miami Applicator 7-channel design enables either complete or targeted treatment throughout the vagina and cervix. It allows for accurate and reliable treatments in nearly any anatomy with a range of intrauterine angle and stump configurations, various sized build-up caps and optional dome end build-up caps. The single step applicator placement requires minimal intracavitary assembly. The detachable body, cylinder and docking unit design enables quick setup and simplify cleaning. Also the cervical stop enhances repeatability and reduces potential for iatrogenic injury.

Flexibility: The CT/MR Miami Applicator Set includes standard 30°, 0° and stump configurations to effectively treat a variety of anatomies. The 3.0 cm, 3.5 cm and 4.0 cm build-up cap, cylinders and optional domes allow for enhanced source spacing, and the 7-channel design enables more precise dose distribution around circumference of the vagina.

Reliability: The titanium construction with laser welded connections allows for enhanced stability and torque resistance. Keyed connections ensure consistent alignment of channels and intrauterine tube.



* The applicator has been tested for mechanical compatibility with the indicated manufacturer’s transfer tubes to confirm there are no internal source obstructions. Users are responsible for validating applicator compatibility, including treatment planning systems, with their afterloading equipment. Elekta/Nucletron are trade names/trademarks of Elekta AB (publ).