CT/MR Contour Prostate Template Set, 17G, small matrix, BK

Product Description

Simplicity: The CT/MR Contour Prostate Template facilitates interstitial needles for the treatment of the prostate. All templates are laser engraved with letters to denote the different vertical columns of needle channels and with numbers to denote the different horizontal rows of needle channels. The numbering/lettering layout corresponds to the type of stepper being used.

Flexibility: The CT/MR Contour Prostate Template is available to accommodate needles of different gauges which are securely held in place by color-coded needle collets associated with the appropriate needle size. Small and large template sizes are provided. The CT/MR Contour Prostate Template is curved to fit the sloping anatomy of the perineum. There are four suture holes provided for optional fixation of the template to the perineum.

Reliability: The CT/MR Contour Prostate Template is constructed of PPSU (Polyphenylsulfone) and the template inserts and needle collets are constructed of titanium for continuous use and steam sterilization.




1 Manufactured by PST Plastic Sterilizing Trays Corporation
5 Manufactured by Kögel GmbH