CT/MR M.A.C. Interstitial GYN Template Set,1.65mm, with IU tubes

Product Description

Simplicity: The detachable template and optional intrauterine tube design, enables quick setup and simplifies cleaning. Concentric needle channels allow efficient planning and treatment, and the cervical stop enhances repeatability while reducing the risk of uterus perforation.

Flexibility: The CT/MR M.A.C. Interstitial GYN Template features a template design with an optional intrauterine tube enabling complete or targeted treatment of the vagina, cervix, endometrium and parametrium. The set, named for the Mick-Alektiar-Cohen collaboration, is available with 36 needle channels and a variety of diameters, to easily integrate the system into your current practice. 30° and 0° intrauterine tube and needle-only configurations offer an effective treatment of a variety of anatomies and diseases. Concentric needle channels provide targeted unilateral or bilateral parametrial needle placement which are individually fixed into place by locking collets.

Reliability: The titanium insert construction and collets with PPSU body allow for enhanced stability while the keyed interfaces ensure consistent alignment of channels and needles.

This set includes intrauterine tubes and is intended to be used with 1.65 mm plastic needles.



1 Manufactured by PST Plastic Sterilizing Trays Corporation
5 Manufactured by Kögel GmbH