CT/MR Fletcher Applicator Set

Product Description

“Fletcher-style” Geometry: The CT/MR Fletcher Applicator Set is based on the geometry of the conventional “Fletcher-style” applicator design for gynecological brachytherapy. It is mainly intended for the treatment of the cervix. The CT compatible and MR conditional applicator is made of titanium. This makes it mechanically robust, with minimal artefacts in CT and MR images.

Easy Insertion: The thin intrauterine tubes and the individual ovoid tubes are easy to insert. Once in position, they lock together and are secured with tightening screws to remain stable and immobile during treat ment. The ovoids provide spacing between the source and tissue. To enhance the adaptation to the anatomy of the individual patient, the set includes ovoids of different sizes.

Precise Dose Distribution: This specially designed applicator generates precise dose distribution to completely encompass the endome trium and cervix. The CT/MR Fletcher Applicator Set is an important tool for gynecological brachytherapy.


1 Manufactured by PST Plastic Sterilizing Trays Corporation
2 Manufactured by Otto Leibinger GmbH